Unveiling the Emotional Power of NAZIMA’s ‘Беги’: Immerse Yourself in the Genuine Story behind the Song


NAZIMA is a young, talented singer-songwriter from Russia. Her music is known for its emotional depth and honesty, and her latest single, ‘Беги’ (Run), is no exception. The song has captured the hearts of many, with its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind the lyrics and what makes this song so special.

The Lyrics

‘Беги’ tells the story of a person who is running away from their problems, seeking solace in the beauty of nature. The lyrics are emotional and thought-provoking, painting a vivid picture of the struggles that many of us face in our daily lives:

«Забери меня, где никто не видит,
Где шум дорог к моим словам не липнет,
Где девять зарядов, и мир как прежде,
И больше никогда не будет беды.»

Translated, these lyrics mean:

«Take me where no one can see me,
Where the noise of the roads doesn’t cling to my words,
Where there are nine shots, and the world is as before,
And there will never be trouble again.»

The lyrics are raw and honest, reflecting the desire that many of us have to escape our problems and find a place of peace and serenity. NAZIMA’s delivery of these lyrics is powerful, filled with emotion and heart, making ‘Беги’ a wonderfully moving song.

The Meaning

At its core, ‘Беги’ is a song about seeking refuge from the difficulties of life. Whether it’s financial struggles, relationship problems, or psychological issues, we all face challenges that can make us feel overwhelmed and hopeless. The song speaks to this common human experience, offering a message of hope and healing.

Through its lyrics, ‘Беги’ encourages us to find solace in the natural world. The imagery of the song is one of escape and renewal, drawing us out of our own heads and into the wonder of the world around us. By encouraging us to run away from our problems and find refuge in the beauty of nature, ‘Беги’ offers a message of hope and healing that is sorely needed in these troubled times.


‘Беги’ is a wonderful song that speaks to the struggles that many of us face in our daily lives. Through its heartfelt lyrics and powerful delivery, the song offers a message of hope and healing that is sorely needed in these troubled times. If you haven’t already listened to ‘Беги’, we highly recommend that you do — you won’t be disappointed by this fantastic piece of music.


Кто исполняет песню «Беги»?

Песню «Беги» исполняет НАZИМ.

Какой стиль музыки преобладает в песне «Беги»?

В песне «Беги» можно услышать элементы поп-музыки и электроники.

О чем поется в песне «Беги»?

В песне «Беги» поется о том, что нужно бежать за своей мечтой и не останавливаться на пути к успеху.

Какие эмоции передает песня «Беги»?

Песня «Беги» передает энергию и мотивацию, вдохновляет на достижение цели и демонстрирует настойчивость.

Кто написал слова к песне «Беги»?

Слова к песне «Беги» написал сам НАZИМ.

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